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We’ve pioneered an approach to recycle discarded plastic into a range of exceptional sustainable materials for 3D printing. We source the highest quality streams from leading recyclers and work closely with scientific institutions to optimise our range.   When you print with Reflow you’re supporting an established network of recyclers, makers and designers in tackling plastic pollution while co-creating meaningful work.

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Reflow rPETG Recycled filament

Chemical name: Polyethylene Terephthalate - Glycol Modified
Source of plastic: The Netherlands
Description: Our flagship rPETG is sourced from leading local recyclers. It’s durable and easy to use, with exceptional visual and mechanical performance.

Available colours: White ~ Black ~ Aqua ~ Mint ~ Honey ~ Coral

Diameter: 1.75 mm. ±0.05mm / 2.85 mm. ±0.07mm
Roundness: ≥98%
Net filament weight: 1 KG
Filament length: ∼357m / ∼137m

Print temperature: 230c - 245c

Platform Temperature: 60c-80c   ~ rPETG requires bed temperatures of 60-80 C while printing. Bed adhesion is often good, and minor issues around adhesion can be easily remedied by coating the build surface. 

Fan Speed: 50%-100% - This is model size and geometry dependant.

Reflow rPETG Qualities

  • Its made of recycled materials!!!
  • It has excellent layer and bed adhesion
  • Low warping and shrinkage
  • Odourless printing
  • Great strength
  • Beautiful rich colours
  • Durable
  • Temperature resistant circa 80c

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